Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pictorial Arts Journal

Well, by now you get the general drift of where we're planning to go with this journal thing. It's an ambitious quest for someone who really has no time to be doing this. But when is the perfect time to start off on a new adventure? Just ask Bilbo Baggins.

One thing I'm really hoping is to get some help from some of you. Professionals, students, enthusiasts—artists, photographers, cartoonists, writers, designers—I'm going to look to you for some content and some advice along the way. 

I'm going to take some time to work up a prototype to fully demonstrate just what I have in mind. Some of you I've already talked to about involvement, and I'd like to start right here and now with the work-up. I'll be in touch with those of whom I'm in contact, but I'm looking for even more talent. If you're interested in contributing from the get-go, shoot me an email with your thoughts. 

I have a good theme in mind for the prototype. I want to develop it a bit more and then I will have an outline of the articles in need of pictorial and writing skills, and even some ads that need designing. Look for that soon.

In the meantime, I will post a few odds and ends of the usual fare for this blog, just to keep y'all from drifting away, but with little commentary.

There's a lot of people tuning in here from around the world, and I don't yet have a translation gadget to  help reach those folks, but there's a lot of you in English speaking countries that we can start with. If you're not a member/follower of The Pictorial Arts Journal blog, please sign up. I'm going to need numbers to make this happen for the long distance. I've heard from a lot of you via email, which is great, but actual numbers on The Pictorial Arts Journal blog will really make a difference! 

See some of ya soon!

photo: © copyright 2013 Thomas Haller Buchanan

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