Sunday, October 24, 2010

Four Oaks

The female nude form dominates the history of art and decorative illustration, and apparently the posts of this blog. But there are some seemingly rare examples of using the decorative male nude form, such as this suite of drawings by Beatrice Stevens, from the 1920s—much in the spirit of Franklin Booth.

The drawing suite is entitled Four Oaks, with subtitles referring to the four movements of classical musical compositions—allegro, andante, scherzo, and allegro con brio.

Four Oaks — Allegro

Four Oaks — Andante

Four Oaks — Scherzo

Four Oaks — Allegro con brio


Jeff Overturf said...

As much as I prefer the female nude, that's just the base side of me...these are incredibly beautiful. Music and image come together.

ToB said...

Ironically I saw these in thumbnails in my feed and what caught my eye was the giant trees, not the male nudes. Fon't want to speculate ...! LOL. Beautiful prints.