Friday, April 8, 2011

Call of the Siren

Coles Phillips — The Siren Call — 1925

Quoting from a caption about the story behind this work:

In 1926, the city of New Rochelle issued a commemorative booklet to celebrate its 250th anniversary. Because the city was the home of some of America's most notable illustrators, they were asked to donate pictures to decorate the booklet. Among the contributors were Norman Rockwell, Orson Lowell, and Edward Penfield. J.C. Leyendecker did the cover design. Coles Phillips began this picture, "The Siren Call," in 1925, but he was unable to complete it because of his trip to Europe for medical treatment. Leyendecker was asked to finish the picture, but since he was not a watercolor artist, he declined. In the end the editors thought the picture fine enough to publish unfinished.

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Annie said...

I'd love to have seen this in color, but it's beautiful, just as it is.