Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hans' Studio

One day I came across this old etching showing the artist Hans Makart in his studio around 1880. I had not heard of the fellow prior to that, but it looked like an interesting studio, especially so for some of the paintings hanging around. In particular the one in the upper left corner really caught my fancy, and I got to wondering if it was a true painting or just a flight of fancy for this image.

Well, lo and mighty, it truly is a Makart painting, and it's a beauty:

The Triumph of Ariadne

As well, a true painting of Cleopatra represented in the etching:

The Death of Cleopatra

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Larry MacDougall said...

It seems rather amusing that in the middle of that luxurious studio the artist is sitting on a couple of wooden crates. Perhaps that's how he stays connected to his humble beginnings, if in fact his beginnings were humble.