Monday, August 17, 2009

Foreshortening Issue

This Film Fun cover is a recent post by Jack over at, "a web log dedicated to the art of Enoch Bolles". It's a terrific 'blog and I enjoy each posting. This particular post points out the lame depiction of the lady's firearm in hand. I assume the problem is a foreshortening issue. But it reminded me of a modern day illustration of the same subject matter.

Artistic draughtsman extraordinaire Jim Silke continually pays genuine homage to exotic and adventure icons of yesteryear. The work below is similar to, yet quite distinctive from, the Bolles painting. It has the same use of foreshortening the flintlock, but this one succeeds. It demonstrates what just a tiny bit of detail and positioning makes. Gosh, both these guys are so good.

Note the nod to Howard Pyle as well.

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Jack R said...

Yes, now that you mention it, I do recall the Pyle illustion this is clearly inspired by. As for Bolles, I think he simply was not capable of injecting the barest hint of menace into his work, even when the topic called for it (I take that back, there is that truly scary cover of salome). You've inspired me to post the closest he ever came to a spicy menace cover and as attractive as it is, it is no Hugh Ward.

Thanks for the shout out and thanks more for your fabulous blogs and all the work and thought you put into them.