Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bucolics in Pamphylia

Each text page of The Songs of Bilitis is a self-contained prose poem, ostensibly written by this ancient lass. To me they are touching, with simple profundity, evoking a heady reverie of the senses. Ultimately the nature of the book is lesbian in tone, but to me, sexuality aside, they are the musings of a sensitive and interesting person.

Pogany's header illustrations sometimes repeat themselves throughout the book, but they too are sensitive and profound. Amazing that two men constructed a work that is so positive in its classical feminine tone. I'm not going to show every poem, but over the next few posts, I will show a goodly number of ones that resonate with me, as well as the full pages of art by Pogany.

Enjoy the text as much as the images.

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Frank P. Ordaz said...

Way cool... I just love the drawing stylings.... fresh