Saturday, February 27, 2010

Les Voilà

Moebius (Jean Giraud) was a source of inspiration to me in the 70s and 80s, compelling me to work with a simpler line in my ink work, which is the opposite of one of my other lifelong inspirations, Walt Kelly—he with the lush thick brushstrokes. I was never obsessed with collecting Mobius, I guess because I didn't love all of his work. But the pieces that I did love have never left my collection yet.

One thing I really love about Moebius panel art is that most of his panels can be isolated from the story, enlarged, and be immensely appreciated on their own merits. The panel below could be a framed print on my wall and be most satisfactory to my sensibilities.

The complex simplicity, the perfect perspective, the sense of depth (that this plane is really in the air), even the sense of mystery (what's unfolding here? What is this place?).

I think I'll post some more of his panel art.



Li-An said...

In french, it should be "Les voilà" (here they come). You choose a color version of this image from the Airthight Garage but the true fan will prefer the original black and white version :-)

joe bloke said...

please, do. the man's a freaking genious.

Joe Bethancourt said...

Looking at that airplane, I am reminded of Vaughn Bode