Saturday, February 6, 2010

Les Chansons de Bilitis — 1

While we're on the subject of Bilitis, I would be remiss to postpone an appreciative look at Barbier's illustrations for
Les Chansons de Bilitis, The Songs of Bilitis. He actually was commissioned to approach this literary work several times over many years, and the artwork is SO art deco. Fittingly so, because Barbier was one of the great movers of the movement.

You're probably impatient with my technique of posting one image at a time, but the way this 'blogging format works with earlier posts on the bottom, feeding toward the top (and my particular handicap of having to post only 5 images at a time), this is my way of presenting in the order that I want the images to be seen. Plus, with my deadlines, I can only pop in to the collection for a moment, once in a while. So, for now, one at a time it is.

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