Monday, July 23, 2012

Fantasy Bookplate

Yes, in times of trouble, fantasy is ideal to escape into, provided that you can come back to reality when the time comes. I treasure my fantasy collection and I have a special bookplate just for that genre.

Years ago, I met and talked with Roy Krenkel for just a short time. We made some book transactions, he signed a book for me, and then I asked if I could use one of his drawings as a personal bookplate. I offered to pay him for the use, but he declined the offer, consenting to my use of the art, "providing," he said, "that you don't try to make money from it." I haven't, I won't, and neither should you.

© Roy Krenkel

1 comment:

M. D. Jackson said...

You met Roy Krenkel? Amazing! I love his work! And that is one fine bookplate.