Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm not one to believe in fate or fortune being able to be read, guided, or foretold by the stars, the casting of bones, the arrangement of entrails, the lines of a palm or how cards are dealt.

We make our own fate and fortune, individually and collectively, and to give it any other source is to live by superstition—one of the factors in holding back the maturity of our species.

Having said that, I fully embrace symbology—the making of signs, symbols, pictograms and other pictorial elements as a means of communicating on a deeper level than words alone. Sometimes words just get in the way of intuitive understanding. When I think in images I am more effective in the thought process than if I think in words.

Whereas I don't believe in Tarot as a link to external powers, I can see that its imagery can help one to internally work out problems and obstacles of life.

Below is a beautiful design and illustration by Frank Brunner, portraying the Queen of Swords, the sword of which can be interpreted any number of ways with symbology. But one traditional interpretation of the butterflies is that it shows her freedom of thought and active intellect. I like that symbol and I like this image.

Frank Brunner — Queen of Swords — 1980

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