Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Literally a Vision

As the Leonardo persona, I structured my sessions with older students to encourage visual thinking, as well as visual creation. I utilized some of the exercises that can be found in Seeing With The Mind's Eye: The History, Techniques and Uses of Visualization, by Mike Samuels, M.D. and Nancy Samuels.

This is an important book with important content. Quoting from the preface of that book by its editor Don Gerrard:

. . . Visualization is the other side of human nature, the primitive darkness, the energizing non-rational flow, the connection to the Source, the artist's inspiration, the path in the right hemisphere of the brain, the Dionysus to civilization's Appolonian rigidity, the door to the fountainhead. Visualization is not just an idea; it is one half of consciousness. It is one way we think, perhaps the more basic way.

More about that book later.

Visualization is a core concept of my philosophy of education. I have renewed my investigation into the mysteries of this innate human ability. I am blown away by the implications of what I've experienced in my recent efforts.

©1999 Haller-Buchanan — Literally a Vision

Above is one of the so-called inspirational posters I made for the classroom. Yes, I stole the human pose from Al Williamson, and the idea of floating cities from Robert McCall. When you steal ideas, steal from the best!


M. D. Jackson said...

"Steal from the best" That's more than just a pat line that you say when you get caught. Stealing from the best -- from those artists that inspire you like no other -- teaches me so much more.

Bob said...

Good gravy -- what beautiful work!

Kid said...

You know the old saying: "Good artists imitate. Great artists steal."