Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grand Graphic Wizard

I've been told that Mr. Frank Thorne, grand wizard of ink conjuring, perhaps looks in on this humble pictorial blog thingy.

If that is so, and Mr. Thorne if you are looking in now, I would like for you to know how much I've been entertained by your graphic wizardry over the years. Special greetings to you sir!

Frank Thorne — Conan, Sonja, Bêlit


Steven Thompson said...

He reminds me of George Carlin. His early work is nice but rather conservative and then suddenly everything changes, the hair flows and he's hipper than hip. Definitely an amazing artist.

M. D. Jackson said...

Love Frank Thorne's work.

Anonymous said...

and just in case he reads comments too, THANKS MR THORNE for all your wonderful 'ragged' art (oh and of course thanks to you too Thom)