Monday, December 24, 2012

Frenetic Festival

London is also a frenetic festival at the Winter Wonderland carnival, bombarded by cacophonous music, flashing lights and elevated voices of merriment. My favorite part was the hot mulled wine and roasted chestnuts.


Annie said...

Great photos! Enjoy!

Pyracantha said...

Good Ghod! Is that a hanged man in photo number 4?

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Oh, goody. Someone's got curious after all.

I was really hoping to take an action shot of this event. But for all my efforts, the victim wouldn't cooperate in giving me a great pose.

Rather than keep you dangling (haw haw haw hoo ha), THAT, my friend is the best shot I could get of a fellow riding a zip line across the carnival campus. I was tempted to take that ride myself and really give an action pose, yeehaw kind of thing, but I was afraid that no one would take MY picture.

LC Douglass said...

I love fairgrounds in the evening. Great photos.