Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Skater

Ah, what better way to spend New Years' Eve day than ice skating.

Marie Danforth Page (1869-1940)—The Skater—ca 1920

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What We Have Here . . .

Before we move too far past the season, I wanted to pull out this Playboy cartoon by the late Eldon Dedini. Dedini's art was a lovely blend of cartooning and watercolor painting, and always a feast for the eyes.

Sensual Moon

Sensuality: a photograph by Sara Moon:

Science Digest

I used to really enjoy Science Digest magazine. This Robert McCall cover is a favorite. I've met with McCall on two different occasions, once at a conference and once in his studio, and it was such a pleasure talking with him and seeing his paintings up close—including the painting for this cover.

I will have more about McCall down the line.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Somerset Rail Station

The late John Berkey was an artist known for spaceships and high tech sci-fi. So, it's a bit surprising to see a folksy Somerset rail station, dramatic as it is. It's also a bit surprising to see the image used for a scotch ad, but why not I suppose. I do like it better as a magazine cover.

Queen Christmas

A lovely ink and watercolor illustration by Clara Elsene Peck (1883-1968):

Clara Elsene Peck — Queen Christmas — 1920

From Aesgaard to Zingara

This is a terrific illustration by Michael Kaluta, front and back cover to this comic, that got all gunked up by the other graphic elements. Has anyone seen this printed elsewhere, the way it should be seen? Maybe one of the MWK compendiums? Anyway, very nice work created in 1985.

Woody's Mad Record Labels

So much great cartooning has been lightly passed over because of so much detail being printed so small. Wally Wood was a master of 'crowded room' scenes, putting in so much detail, but being printed so small. I've scanned this page at a large size, and I hope if you download it, it will open large. And the text on the record labels is funny too (tell me SOME of you remember 45's). Look in close for all the tiny details (fer instance, look for the mushroom cloud coming from the tuba).

Viva Woody!

Monday, December 28, 2009

When Up Came a Blackbird . . .

From an old book for kids, notice the 'note' at the bottom, seemingly tacked on by a nervous editor in fear of children's nightmares and parents' ire.

The Sparrow Dance

There was a favorable response when I posted Katharine Sturges illustrations to Why the Chimes Rang. Here is an interesting spot drawing which she signed as Katharine Sturges Dodge. I will look for more of her work.

After they had feasted, the sparrow wished to please them still more, so he danced for them what is called the "sparrow dance."

Selina Kyle Wayne

My favorite image of the Catwoman character, the Earth-2 Selina Kyle Wayne, rendered by Dave Stevens. Sigh. Comics would have been the better for it if only Stevens had done mainstream stories.

Besides which, I miss the original Earth-2 concept, blending from the Silver to Bronze Ages.


'Aida' by Maher Morcos

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sex und Macht

I think this is a very clever, funny, and — sad — portrait of Bill Clinton.

Year End Clearance

It's time to post some year end clearance items. Items that are one-of-a-kinds, remnants, whatcha-callits, or just plain miscellaneous—but otherwise nice enough to keep in my morgue or inspiration files. I don't have much information for much of this stuff, but I'll annotate where I can. I'm posting 5 items this go round, but for the next few days, it'll just be individual posts here and there as I get time (it's deadline time around here again for the next couple weeks).

A nice sample of routine newspaper caricature

A sweet pinup by Lambert

Cigars are nasty things, but I used to enjoy one now and then, until my daughter asked me to stop.

The young Alexander taming his wild and beautiful Bucephalus

An engraving of John Collier's painting, A Priestess of Bacchus

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Present

There's a Christmas present for Walt Kelly fans at Whirled of Kelly

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day in the Morning

I hope you don't mind getting one more dose of Leyendecker for Christmas . . .

December 21, 1929

December 3, 1904

December 20, 1924

December 24, 1932

December 23, 1922

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What to my Wondering Eyes Should Appear

A classic rendition of a classic poem by a classic illustrator of OUR time—Scott Gustafson.

What to my Wondering Eyes Should Appear-2

What to my Wondering Eyes Should Appear-3


Christmas with Mother Goose

I just posted this over on Whirled of Kelly, but it is such a nice cover, and appropriate for the theme on this 'blog, so, uh, well do I really need an excuse to post it here?

Walt Kelly — Christmas with Mother Goose (4 Color series) #253

Santa Won't Come Until We're Asleep, You Know

Santa as drawn by 5 great cartoonists:

George Herriman

Bill Watterson

Patrick McDonnell

Jeff MacNelly

Hal Foster

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Nemo and Santa

Just a handful of zoomed-in panels to show Winsor McCay's version of Santa, 1905 & 1906. Boy, those were the days when a Sunday page was a work of art. McCay's vision of Santa's home probably inspired dancing sugarplums in millions of kids dreams. I, personally, love the striped blue trousers.