Monday, December 28, 2009

Selina Kyle Wayne

My favorite image of the Catwoman character, the Earth-2 Selina Kyle Wayne, rendered by Dave Stevens. Sigh. Comics would have been the better for it if only Stevens had done mainstream stories.

Besides which, I miss the original Earth-2 concept, blending from the Silver to Bronze Ages.


Artman2112 said...

That is a great image from Dave. his far too early passing was really truly sad, not just for the loss of his amazing talent and art but he just seemed liked the kind of guy you could hang out with and BS about any number of things, a 'regular Joe' as they say. What he did for Bettie Page and how she was able to live her final years much more securely and comfortably because of it, Dave should get major kudos for that as well. his type of artist is almost all but disappeared now, i think Dave was the last of a kind we wont ever see again.
I think one of the reasons Dave never broke into mainstream comics was because, from what i understand of him, he was very SLOW.

ALM Talkies said...

What a fantastic image! I'm doing a summer Catwoman project where I'm going to don several different Catwoman looks and costumes and I would love to do this one!

Check it out on Facebook:

I hope you'll join in!

Kid said...

Dave Stevens - what an artist. I always seem to buy whatever latest edition of The Rocketeer is available, despite having several various versions already.