Sunday, December 27, 2009

Year End Clearance

It's time to post some year end clearance items. Items that are one-of-a-kinds, remnants, whatcha-callits, or just plain miscellaneous—but otherwise nice enough to keep in my morgue or inspiration files. I don't have much information for much of this stuff, but I'll annotate where I can. I'm posting 5 items this go round, but for the next few days, it'll just be individual posts here and there as I get time (it's deadline time around here again for the next couple weeks).

A nice sample of routine newspaper caricature

A sweet pinup by Lambert

Cigars are nasty things, but I used to enjoy one now and then, until my daughter asked me to stop.

The young Alexander taming his wild and beautiful Bucephalus

An engraving of John Collier's painting, A Priestess of Bacchus

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