Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One of the Great Penmen

I've been on such a harsh deadline for so long now that I forgot what it's like to have a little goof-off time, like making a serious blog post. I have a lot of great stuff already scanned and in a docket, waiting for clean-up and organizing, but haven't had the time.

Well I finally got to this lovely 1901 book, Undine and Aslauga's Knight, illustrated by Harold Nelson, one of the great penmen of the golden age of illustration (I know, that's a lonnnng golden age). Nelson was of the age of Walter Crane and Howard Pyle and H.J. Ford, all who penned in a similar formal way, each with magical results.

I've included a bit of the text here and there, because it too is magical and part of the context of the book design.


E.G.Palmer said...

That's really nice,Thom. I wish I had a copy of that.

Steve Scott said...

Not quite Ford, but still amazingly beautiful art.