Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Entertaining Comic Group Hard at Work

This is a MASTERful illustration by the late John Severin, a man whose talent sometimes was not appreciated as much as it deserved by people who wanted his work to be goofier.

This piece is an amazing composition, with everyone in proper context to each other, yet with perfect placement for the lettering balloons. What a cool print to receive in the mail just for sending in an idiotic letter to the editor.

John Severin — EC Thank You Note — 1950s


Kid said...

A great artist - whether pencilling his own artwork or inking someone else's. His finishing on Kirby's Nick Fury stories and his sister's Kull tales was excellent.

Joe Jusko said...

Brilliant piece by a brilliant talent!

Jeff Overturf said...

Frickin' gorgeous. All Hail Mighty John SEverin!!!!!

joe bloke said...

the guy's a legend. & Woody looks hammered!