Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On a Pedestal

I'm not a fan of most pin-up art, much of it contrived and, pardon the word, vulgar. I sparingly use that word because I'm not a prude and have an open mind to anything but violence. But sexuality, in my opinion, deserves more than superficial lust.

Zoe Mozert is a favorite pin-up artist, and the art below is one of my top favorites of hers. It seems wholesome, healthy AND sexy—placing this woman on a pedestal where some women rightly belong (though I'm sure that's a sexist statement, and I mean it in the sense that I adore women in general).

Zoe Mozert


Daniel [] said...

In its original sense, the word “vulgar” certainly would include that which lacks art. And there is an awful lot of pin-up work that is lacking art, even in cases where it exhibits a high degree of technical proficiency.

For my part, I especially loathe the work that presents women in situations of victimization (whether it be by human agency or by circumstance). I suspect that you share that loathing.

I knew nothing about Zoe Mozert years ago, when I got my first print of one of her works.

(Tangent: Many people think that the dog is sleepy, but dogs signal peaceful coëxistence with that sort of yawn.)

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Daniel, I certainly enjoy your brand of discourse.

And, yes, you are correct in your suspicion.

Artman2112 said...

readin Daniels comment instantly made the name Sorayama come to mind. As Frazetta said "taste is what seperates the men from the boys"

no doubt there is a LOT of tasteless pin up "art" out there (there is also much tasteless everything else out there) but one must often sift through some dreck to find the good stuff.

that's a nice piece by Mozert

Anonymous said...

The day I encountered online a drawing of Catwoman by Adam Hughes with her head framed by AN EXPLETIVE and one nipple caught in a mousetrap was the day I decided "I am so over this guy!"
I love the warmth of the Mozert girl. This work to me is all about delight in female beauty of both body and spirit.