Friday, June 29, 2012

No Flash Mobs

Who's up to take in a movie and beauty parade?

If you're in, let's rendezvous in Times Square, September 2, 1934.

If anyone needs a ride we can chrono-pool, my machine holds 5. But no flash mobs! Be sure to dress appropriate for the year. The Time Patrol has issued travel advisories that anyone breaking chrono protocol will be dealt with severely. Leave your video cameras and smart phones at home!

Rumor has it that offenders will be sent back to the night of January 14, 65 million 1 hundred 27 thousand and 6 Before Now, which if you will recall is the night the Yucatan Asteroid hit atmosphere. They say there's no limit to the number of people they can deposit at ground zero. But oh, what a way to go!

The popcorn alone should be worth the price of admission. Anyone who can't deal with 2nd hand smoke should pass. See ya there!

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Bob said...

You know ... you may have a fantasy novel in you.