Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cartoon Shorts

This blog jumps around just as much as my pictorial interests do. Sometimes I get dizzy leaping and twirling between all the arts.

I get a kick out of early Disney cartoon short posters, and I like the Donald Duck posters a fair amount more than I like the cartoons themselves (just as I like the Warner Bros cartoons a whole bunch better than their posters).

Donald's Dog Laundry — 1940

Mr. Duck Steps Out — 1940

Autograph Hound — 1939

The Hockey Champ — 1939

Officer Duck — 1939

Sea Scouts — 1939

The Riveter — 1940

Donald Duck's Lucky Day — 1939


Li-An said...

I love these pictures but don't know why :-)

David said...

Disney Publicity and Merchandise Department artist Hank Porter created most, if not all, of the art found on these posters.

Unknown said...

love donald cartoons