Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dr. Neff — Ghost Breaker

Before there were Ghost Busters, there were the 1948 Ghost Breakers, featuring Dr. Neff. This is a sliced off cover that's been rattling around in my morgue, and every time I see it, I think of the actor John Noble, who portrays our beloved Walter on Fringe.

Bob Powell — Ghost Breakers #1 — 1948

Personally I think the resemblance is spooky. What's even spookier: John Noble was BORN in 1948! Coincidence? You decide . . .

John Noble

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Britt Reid said...

Dr Neff was a real-life magician who was a lifelong friend of Jimmy Stewart.
He had a traveling show called Madhouse of Mystery.
There's a book called "Pleasant Nightmares" about him by William Rauscher.

The comic was published by Street and Smith who also gave Blackstone the Magician his own title.