Monday, July 15, 2013

Delineated Life

Even before 'officially' publishing the first issue of Pictorial Arts Journal, we're nailing down the first sub-publication 'imprint' of the Journal, called Delineated Life, which will publish intermittently with the main Journal. Its purpose is to showcase one artist and their work per issue. Sometimes it will be a classic master from long ago, and sometimes a current, contemporary, right now artist.

The first issue of Delineated Life is dedicated to the cartoon mastery of Walt Kelly, a natural, timing-wise, to tie in with his 100th birthday (even though he left us 40 years ago).  The online publishing date is August 25 (Kelly's birthday) and I'm working round the clock to pull it together, as well as officially publish the Journal itself. And, oh yeah, I'm not making any money from this (yet) so I have to keep plugging at my deadlines as well. Poor me — hah! I love where these publications are heading, and sooner or later I should be able to collaborate with artists and writers and layout artists and other creatives, so that it's not just me having so much fun!

This is the cover, as it stands now, and there will be many wonderful interior pages that will explore the Whirled of Kelly.

I'm still casting out a call to any professional cartoonist or animator to contribute a tribute drawing jpeg, demonstrating what Kelly and his work has meant to you, personally and/or professionally. We need jpegs by the week of August 4, but hopefully sooner. And it would really be helpful for you to send over an email even earlier to let us know you're planning on doing one. Of course we know how life gets in the way of things like this, so it's not like you HAVE to do a tribute, even though you intended to. But heck, even a simple sentence or two will suffice if you don't have time to whip up a drawing or doodle. Each person who contributes some sort of sentiment can have a bio-blurb and website link next to their piece. C'mon, I know there are so many pros out there that admire Kelly's legacy. Join us in this 'time capsule'.


Gerben Valkema said...

Hi Thomas,

just a quick word in between deadlines, to let you know I'm working on an illustration starring Pogo, Albert and my own Elsje.
Expect that one at the beginning of next week or maybe even sooner, if my schedule allows for it.

Great initiative, hopefully there will be lost of more contributions

Gerben Valkema

Kid said...

Thom, it might be an idea to contact John Morrow of TwoMorrows Publishing to see if this is a periodical he might be interested in supporting in some way. Worth an email, surely?

(Whaddya mean, don't call you Shirley?)