Friday, December 6, 2013

Slap Him Out've the Air!

Comic book artists have an undeniable talent for telling expansive stories in confined areas. Imagine putting all this action into two small panels and giving it believable perspective and superb rendering. Many comic book artists are graphic geniuses. The graphic genius of these two panels is Russ Heath (I don't know if the breakdowns are by Heath or Joe Kubert.


Larry MacDougall said...

Ah, Russ Heath - my first favourite.

Dra90nR1d3r said...

I think you hit it directly on the nail head. Comics, I think are so under appreciated, and the artist are even more so.....
D.C was always my favorite, Gunner and Sarge, Johnny Cloud, the Haunter Tank and of course Sgt Rock and Easy Co.
It was always the detail of the panel I loved. The people looked like real people.
Like in this panel, you can tell that it is a ME 109, that 1 soldier is using a Tommy Gun, the other a Grease gun, with the ejector cover sitting up like it should.
Artist like Heath did their homework.