Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not by Mucha

This piece is what art elitists would think of as lowbrow art, kitsch, or art for the masses.

Yeah . . . so?

I think it's a charming Art Nouveau graphic that isn't by Mucha for a change. It's from an old postcard.

1903-ish, artist: I. Dunno.


LC Douglass said...

Lovely! Saw an exhibition of Gustave Dore's works in Ottawa. Turns out his whole life he wanted desperately to be treated as a high level serious artist and got labeled as an illustrator. He did huge sculptures and paintings few people have seen although the world is familiar with his illustrations. The way the art world labels its own is part of the process that determines the creative pecking order of which you speak.

Tom Sarmo said...

Nice post, Thom--thanks! [Agreed, Tam B--while Dore's fine art paintings are exciting (I have yet to see his sculpture)I'm very glad Dore kept illustrating! Critics and collectors who sneer at illustration prove their ignorance, and limit themselves to
(less than)half an aesthetic life.]

Artman2112 said...

yet how many of those so-called "art elitists" would even be able to create a lovely image like this? i hate those guys.