Thursday, September 15, 2016

20 Thousand Million Years

This blog is not extinct, it's just taking an extended break. After all, we have 20 thousand million years ahead of us, so hang in there . . .


Kid said...

Hanging in, Thom, but don't be too long, eh?

Jerry Edwards / said...

Hi Thom!

I'm sure I've commented at least a few times over the period of this blog site, but just wanted to say once again how much joy this site has given me over the years. I usually check your site daily. As of today, I've started again with your first post and am working my way back to your most recent post.

I love the wide variety of art that you share. I recently viewed your 5/2/2011 post which reminded me of Chesley Bonestell's oriental art. I love his space art, but I also love Chesley's other art. So I will do a search for his other non-space art.

I also much enjoyed being reminded in your 5/3/2011 post of the early editorial cartoons by Bill Watterson that spotlighted Mark Twain and his sayings. Very enjoyable for me.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Kid, I'm working on it.

Jerry, THANK you. I hope to share lots more to enjoy!