Thursday, June 24, 2010

Escape to Disaster

The Golden Age of Comics ran alongside World War II, and it acted out stories even as the actual action took place. I can't quite imagine that happening with today's comics and war(s).

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon had a way of personalizing the big picture and bringing the war to a level that kid or adult could empathize with.

The Boy Commandos, from Detective Comics #67, September 1942:

Below, the Jerry Robinson cover to this issue:


joe bloke said...

aw, now, that's the good stuff!

Steve Scott said...

It certainly seemed like a different country back then. I couldn't imagine that kind of unity on anything anymore.

Thanks again for posting these, Thom... they're great!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Youse guys is da reason I post dese stories. No one else seems to give a flyin' patootie. 'At's awright. It's woith it, just ta have you twos trompin' tru da joint.

joe bloke said...

ah, stow it, ya pugly mug! I gots somet'in' in me eye!