Saturday, June 12, 2010

Improbable Pairing

Such an improbable pairing of man and beast, made completely believable with a few strokes of ink is the result of a master fantasy artist of the likes of William Stout.


M. D. Jackson said...

Stout's deceptively simple penwork speaks volumes.

Jeff Overturf said...

Beautiful stuff, beautifully described. Just a few strokes of ink can give so many possibilities.


E.G.Palmer said...

These are really nice, I especially like the spear-wielder on the mosasaur. It's tail and back half hidden by the waves is a nice touch. It gives a sense of the rolling swells and the smell of salt air.

Bill said...

Wow! I really like those two. There's a natural, relaxed quality to the drawings and a nice rhythm to the animals.

I'd forgotten I had done those pics. What year(s) are they from? I'll have to check and see whether or not I included them in one of my sketchbooks.

And thanks for the perceptive and kind comments, guys!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Bill, so nice to hear from you. Those two are from the '92 convention sketch book. I have volumes 1,2, and 3 and wish I had the rest. But ya know, I bought volume 1 from Bud Plant when it first came out, and it was supposed to be signed and numbered, but it was neither. I didn't complain to Bud cuz I really love those sketchbooks, signed or not.

Bill, I gotta ask you, is there any chance that you'll be doing any out and out fantasy adventure projects? A lot of us would dearly love to see that.