Friday, June 25, 2010

Wah Wah TeeOoo

I always liked the graphic quality of the Alley Oop strips, but always felt disappointed that the Sundays dropped the time machine storylines long before I started clipping. Never-the-less, I clipped and kept some just for the fun that Oop had in ancient Moo. A whole lot of nothing went on back then, a bit along the lines of Seinfeld. Picture it: a strip about . . . nothing!


Anonymous said...

I have been reading Alley Oop for years. I belong to group it has lots of this strip--also I go to ilovecomix for more Alley Oop. so keep posting more if possible--charlie

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

charlie, I do have some more that I will post sometime soonish. The ilovecomix site has tons of Oop, but I wish the scans were bigger and tighter. In fact, boy I wish people on the internet in general could make their scans bigger and tighter (though I know some do, and thank you to those that do).

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who posted (almost) all of those Oop scans to ilovecomix... the dailies and Sundays from 1986-1991 were my own clippings, but I dug up all the others from on-line microfilm sources. None of those have Sundays, of course, so I hope you will continue to post your Sundays.. I've never read them and would love to see em all..! -Chris A.