Friday, June 18, 2010

Flint Sketches

Good golly Miss Molly, I am under deadline pressure, now and over the weekend. I'll quickly post a few images so you don't go away empty handed. These are more sketches by Sir William Russell Flint:

Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra


Sheet of female studies


Daniel [] said...

Flint's work doesn't get nearly as much attention as it deserves. I never once ran across mention of it it the various books at which I'd looked on graphic arts. Instead, I stumbled upon it a few years ago by way of an eBay search for the work of an author. (Flint happened to illustrate some of that author's books.)

cloudmover said...

He is one of the turn of century masters that I'm surprised more people don't know about.

I wish there was a mass market coffee table book available on his art.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Yes, there should be coffee table art books published on many under appreciated 20th century masters. Instead, publishers keep churning out the standards that we've all seen a million times. Most art book sections of most new book stores are boring selections aimed at selling to boring consumers.