Monday, June 14, 2010

A Toast to Al Williamson

So many legends have passed in the last decade, as I suppose is the case in every decade. No matter how inevitable, it's always sad to lose people who have enriched our lives and imaginations.

A toast to Al Williamson and to the far places he has taken us to.


Artman2112 said...

sad indeed and so soon after the passing of his long time friend Frank Frazetta too. Al's work at EC still stands as some of the finest comic book art ever done imo.

Bob Andelman said...

Learn more about legendary comics artist Al Williamson in this Mr. Media interview with his friend and artist Mark Schultz, in which he discusses the book Al Williamson’s Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic.

Mr. Door Tree said...


Al Williamson is one of my all time favorite artists and hearing of his passing was incredibly sad to hear...compounded by the fact of his good friend Frank Frazetta's death a month ago! It's impossible to calculate the impact the art they created art has had on my life and the many roads of interesting art their work has led me to! Thanks for sharing this sketch by Al...did he have one of the greatest signatures ever or what! I was at the EC convention...I have the feeling our paths have crossed in those dim distant days!

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Ah, those dim and distant days! Back then, did you happen to know Steve or Dennis of Middle Earth, earlyish publishers of Frazetta and Severin and Jones and etc.?