Thursday, February 14, 2013

Early Fritz

I'm delighted that I've made so many good friends via blogging. 

One of our long time good friends that we met via the Whirled of Kelly blog is OtherEric of the Digital Comic Museum, who has here sent over some Frank Frazetta material. Most Frazetta fans know that Fritz was a comic book artist early in his career. It's sort of amazing to see his early funny animal cartoons when you know that he gave us sublime fantasy paintings in the bulk of his career.

These are some text illustrations from 1947 comic books, such as Happy Comics, CooCoo Comics and Goofy Comics. As cute as these are, Fate (in the guise of Roy Krenkel) made the right path for Frazetta, to help him land his Ace Paperback painting commissions.

all above illustrations by Frank Frazetta — 1947


Eric said...

I find it interesting just how much of the later Frazetta style is already apparent in these early pieces. I've seen more than a few Golden Age Horror comics that would have killed to get as much atmosphere as Frazetta manages with a kitten!

Larry MacDougall said...

He certainly could draw. When I see Pat Pony Heads West (third from the top) it makes me think of that one he painted much later with the nude girl on the horse racing down the beach. Brilliant !