Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Viva la Evolution!

Today's post on the ever-intriguing Histories of Things to Come reminds us that this is Charles Darwin's birthday, thus reminding me that I had a couple of Darwinesqe items in the scan file just waiting to be posted. There's a relevant page on the Pictorial Arts Journal.

Viva la evolution!

 cartoon from Mr. Punch's Almanack — 1882

A magnificent portrait of Mr. Darwin


Unknown said...

Nice to see a Linley Sambourne illustration.
My favourite is the one he did of a hunt: a pack of cats chasing a rat, and the huntmaster as a booted cat, with voluminous whiskers, clutching whip and reins, astride a saddled & bridled pug just behind the pack....
Lovely stuff.

D'artagnan said...

Let us not forget, his version of Evolution Theory lead to the gas chambers of Auschwitz; as well as spawning the Eugenics movement that has been media white washed as "choice"

Anonymous said...

D'artagnan is a perfect example of willful ignorance. What a shame.