Friday, February 8, 2013


This is a handsome digital medium rendering, utilizing some Mucha/Art Nouveau styling, brought to an androgynous slightly manga level, successfully giving new life to an old style.

© 2009 Shannon van Muijden — Declan O'Dwyer 


Annie said...

I like this illustration, but I would enjoy seeing asymmetry in the background panels, rather than identically matched halves, for the element of surprise.

The androgyny works wonderfully, and the person's figure and the birds in the foreground add the necessary variety. The artist probably felt this was enough.

The illustration is also pleasantly reminding me of Leo and Diane Dillon's cover illustration of the character, Sabriel, for Garth Nix's young adult fantasy fiction novel, with the same title. The main character is a young woman, age 18.

Annie said...

OOps. The birds "fooled" me. Only the figure is asymmetric in this illustration, and both halves of the background are a mirror image.