Monday, January 19, 2009

Comfort TV

When I saw these ads in the comics I nearly fainted. The TV show was by this time in rerun syndication, but I had never heard of it. Checking our newspaper for time and channel was fruitless—Columbus Ohio was not in the syndicate. 
But now we were on our way out west. And somewhere along the way I saw or heard something that hinted that the show might be playing in our destination city. In my light-headed delirium of hunger I was comforted by the thought that I might yet see this show (I already told you what a dork I was). Our very first afternoon in town, in a motel room, I saw George Reeves as Superman. The black and white vision of Metropolis in the 1950s was a sight for weary kid eyes. It was on every weekday afternoon on KLZ, and I almost never missed a showing, rushing home from school everyday to watch, and then do my homework.

George Reeves as Clark Kent was the best. I would have watched if the show had been titled "Clark Kent—Reporter". Reeves portrayed him with strength and compassion, humor and determination. Sometimes I would be disappointed when he changed into Superman. I thought, hey--Kent can handle this. Reeves has been lauded by many, but I have a special fondness for his portrayal as the show helped to get me through some tough times as a kid. Seeing his images now brings back the warmth I felt. I think I am not alone in this.

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