Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Comix Chest

As a youngun I enjoyed the funny animal stories, of course, but I started becoming intrigued by the science fiction stuff and made way for new experiences. Those were my brother's contributions to our collection, and it began to affect my little brain. My brother, who is 6 years older than me, took me with him to sci-fi movies, which back then were hokey as all get out, with musical scores that became a cliche. But I enjoyed them as well, and my imagination got quite a workout. Thing is, sci-fi in the comics was different (and better) than the movies because it was more adventurous, beautiful women in exotic outfits, and actually taking place in space. The movies were mostly earthbound with Eisenhower banalities. Space Ace in Jet Powers, 1958, was a reprint from I think 1950, and started to awaken my 'mature' sensibilities.

FourColor #123_1946

WDCS Vol10#5_1950_Walt Kelly

Walt Kelly

Al Taliaferro

Pogo_Walt Kelly_An infinity cover kids!...sort of

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