Friday, February 20, 2009

My Little Golden Age

People spend a lot of time naming eras and speculating on their values. The Golden Age is a term that naturally evokes nostalgia—for a time that probably wasn't so great at the time, but in hindsight seems pretty peachy.

The original golden age as seen by Ingres.

Looking at this Disney Golden Book again recently, I was astounded by its Disneyish beauty. A large hardback for $1!

Frazetta covers stirred the depths of my imagination and inspired me to read deeply.

Some covers stirred my imagination more deeply than others.

And Frazetta was even recognizable in other mediums and formats. I was delighted to discover his renderings of Annie.

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your "history" stories since I wasn't around then and there's no way to find this stuff out via books.

-Danger Mouse