Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kelly Sunday is Here Again

45 years ago this morning:

So, I'm gearing up to post Kelly's Mars sequence and it's going to be a lot of panels, and an awful lot of work. But it'll be worth it, because it's some of the finest cartooning to be found anywhere. To get in the mood for Prehysterical Pogo, with dinosaurs and sabertooths and such, I pulled out some of Kelly's work on "The Glob", which was a book, excerpted in Life magazine.

Directly below is the title page from the book, and directly below that is a large full page illustration produced exclusively for Life. Then further on down are the one column illustrations that Life pulled from the book. Kelly was supposed to have gotten the cover of Life that week, but King George's death knocked him off and put Queen Elizabeth in his place. 

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