Friday, May 8, 2009

Nostalgia for the Future

I have a real nostalgia for the future when I see pulp covers like these. When they stopped doing covers like these first four, the pulps died a whimpery death. I'm not saying there was a direct correlation, I'm just saying. 

I really miss the 40s and 50s vision of the future.

And then covers like the one below were less titillating, but grabbed me all the more with the concept of Ancient Alien Civilizations. Discovery of AACs are my favorite sub-genre of sci-fi. I dreamed of becoming a Space Archeologist. Alas, I got distracted along the way.


Doruk said...

Hey at least now we have girls seen from the back with tattoos:

Nope, not bitter at all ;P

Mike said...

Mee too. They did not have Space Archaeology at Penn State back in the 70's, darn.