Thursday, August 25, 2011

After Hamlin

Even after VT Hamlin retired from the Alley Oop strip in the early 70s, and his assistant Dave Graue took over, much of the charm and characterization remained. Yet I only kept a couple of the Graue Sunday strips, but only because after Walt Kelly died and Pogo wasn't the same, clipping the funnies wasn't the same either, so I had ceased collecting strips on a regular basis.

These two examples of Graue's work are not continuous by any means, but they're fun to look at even out of context.




Anonymous said...

more real nice Alley Oop--they never were the same after Hamlin--but close enough to satisfy most of us--charlie

Anonymous said...

real nice Alley Oop--not the same as Hamlin but close enough for most of usThanks--charlie