Thursday, September 20, 2012


EC Segar

I am disgustipated with change just for the sake of change. This blogger thing was something I could just do on automatic pilot, knowing the routine of the steps to put the posts up. Now I have to stop and think and rethink each step, thanks to this new interface. Even once I get used to it, I'm not going to get used to it. I liked the old interface better! I held off till the last possible moment to have to go to this interface, thinking that maybe the blogger folks were rethinking their retooling. But no. Why they couldn't just add great features to the old interface is beyond me.

Urf. What with my major deadline, I don't think I'll be posting much, esPECIALly because I don't have time to mess with this change.

UPDATE: Good gosh, I can't even get the text to come out in the right color. I yam thoroughly disgustipated.


Hélène said...

I was just as you when gmail changed its interface some months ago. And also held off till the last possible.

I HATE to change my habits because of somebody somewhere that is not thinking just as me, and decided to make changes to a service.

I will miss your pictures, but understand too much to complain !

buzz said...

Love the illo!

Daniel [] said...

Habit makes it possible for us to do some things will less thinking, and thus to have our thoughts free to accomplish other things. Habit, in other words, is essential to our level of possible accomplishment. Of course there is such a thing as bad habit, which falls short of helping us to reälize our potential; but it is a terrible error to presume that all habit is bad habit or even just that older habit (often the result of evolutionary process) is bad habit.

(We can apply these points both to personal habits and to social institutions.)

While consistency of interface is not the main reason that I walked away from 'blogging at a communal site, it's certainly one of the advantages. My 'blogging software changes only with my agreement. (And I'm free to rework it to my satisfaction.)

Sim said...

I agree with you Thomas, I like the old one better... This one is not ergonomic at all! :(
Anyway, it's always a pleasure to come here! :)

Kid said...

I have to agree with you, Thom. I preferred the previous version myself. I can only hope that I'll eventually get used to the new set-up, but I suspect by that time they'll change it again.