Saturday, October 13, 2012

Make the Jump

I love comparing original illustrative art to the printed page—to see how well it reproduces, to see how color adds to the impact of line drawing, and also to see any changes along the way. Such is the case here where the title logo-type jumped from an older blocky style into a more modern (for the time) organic style. Unfortunately the artist's name, Al Gabrielle, didn't make the jump with it.

Al Gabrielle — The Black Cat — printed page 1940s

Al Gabrielle — The Black Cat — original art


Sim said...

Very interesting indeed.
I'm personaly not sure of an improvement with the colors.

Thanks a lot!

(By the way, I believe that the logotype was originaly there just to visualize the ensemble effect, it seems cut into an old number...)

Unca Jeffy said...

I have the same uneasy and untrusting alliance with color as I do with sleep.

Reading blog posts in reverse order, that's something I'm fine with though.