Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Help Identify the Artist

I'm looking for some help from you wanderers of the internet, in identifying the artist of this beautiful image that I plucked from a tumblr site a couple of years ago.  It's either a digital rendering or mixed media, and I'd love to track down the creator.

Who? Who? Who?


Sur-VEY SEZ: William Chen . . . seein' as it's in his portfolio on his website. Thank you all who responded and helped out! 

Isn't it a beautiful rendering?


Commenters pointing to Craig Mullins was a solid lead, as William Chen sites Mullins' work as his inspiration. Thanks again you guys.


Lawrence Klimecki, deacon said...

The artist is William Chen, his website is
I believe he lives in China.

Jeroen said... mullins

Craig Mullins apparantly (I did a reverse google search on the image)
I hope it helps

Jan said...

Reverse image search on Google says Craig Mullins, which seems very likely.

(you can get the image based search as a plugin in Chrome, it's very useful)

plaisanter said...

I did a TinEye search and found it in this album:

Here is the illu itself

Unknown said...

According to this page - - it's by an artist named William Chen. Following the link sent me to a gallery page that includes a variety of other images in the same style...

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Well, thank you folks!

Now it's a matter of narrowing it down 'tween William Chen or Craig Mullins.

I'll take it from here and thank you all again! You people are aces with me!