Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Timeless Environment

A philosopher has some mighty heavy thoughts to ruminate about, needing a solitary and timeless environment to uncover some truth.

Looks like this theorist has found such a place, lucky fool.

Karl Spitzweg — The Philosopher — 1917
update: the artist died some years before this image was printed in 1917


Tom Sarmo said...

This is a beauty. Peaceful image painted during a not-so-peaceful time.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Hi Tom, actually the artist died in 1885. I was derelict in not pointing out that 1917 was the date of the printing of this image. Never-the-less, as you say, peaceful and a beauty!

Tom Sarmo said...

Oh well. Probably 1885 stunk for peace as well. Don't they all