Thursday, March 17, 2011


When you think of Howard Pyle's illustrations, you probably tend to think of King Arthur's knights, Robin Hood, pirates and other epic representations. But his early Wonder Clock tales slipped into some different kind of shoes — anthropomorphic characterizations, very nicely done.

Howard Pyle — from The Wonder Clock — 1888

In his distinctive way, this is what Wallace Tripp had to say about the subject, some 90 years later:

Wallace Tripp


Larry MacDougall said...

Terrific ! A post like this makes me want doodle little mice all morning and forget my deadlines :)

Shadow Bird said...

I'm working on a children's book with anthropomorphic children (At the moment, I'm sculpting one for character consistency).
I have Wallace Tripp art on my mind. So thank you for adding to that pot 'o inspiration!