Saturday, March 5, 2011

Children of Soldiers

Moonpowder, with story and pictures by John Rocco, is a book 'dedicated to the children of soldiers everwhere'.

'I never have sweet dreams. Never.'

Desperately searching

Working on his helio-rocket-copter

Moonpowder — Text & pictures ©2008 John Rocco
Published by Hyperion Books for Children


M. D. Jackson said...

Wow! Now that is fantastic!

Annie said...

The art looks great, and the story appealing; and I just put the book on hold at my library. The art and the themes are different, but you might also enjoy Dean Morrissey's The Great Kettles, A Tale of Time, published by Harry N. Abrams.

Bob said...

I got this for my husband for Xmas -- and we've both spent hours pouring over the pix. (Every year we give each other an illustrated kids book, even though we have none of our own.)