Thursday, March 24, 2011


I can't stop myself from posting these Alley Oops! They're like candy, all colorful and chewy. Can ya put up with a few more of these before I change the subject?

Still dedicated to charlie, our favorite nonagenarian, who can't get enough Oop!

The nice thing about Alley Oop strips is that you don't need to see every strip in a sequence for it to make sense and be fun. Like here, we've skipped over one that's missing. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I love redheaded girls--this is a beautiful story -keep them coming as your time permits--chalie

DeBT said...

I never would've guessed that there was a missing strip, since it practically seamlessly flows from the last one. Now that you pointed it out, there could've been a Sunday where the King was in an argument with Alley Oop in failing his mission, and being punished with keeping the girl. (some punishment!)

You mentioned that there were other comics included with the Pogo Sundays. Any chance of sharing those with us, if we haven't seen them before? I know the Fantagraphics collection is supposed to come out this year, but I'm still skeptical...

As somebody who's semi-devoted to unreprinted Sunday comics, I can appreciate your efforts.