Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventurous Voyages

These are a few illustrations from Sindbad's Secret, the third book of Ludmila Zeman's retold tales of the adventures of Sindbad the Sailor, continuing to weave details of the lure of travel.

Map of many lands

City of Baghdad

Port of a new land

Manlike Creature

Text and illustrations ©2003 by Ludmila Zeman
Tundra Books


Jeff Overturf said...

These are gorgeous.

Annie said...

Hi Thom,
Thank you again for featuring Ludmila Zeman's work. I have both of the books from the library and it's fun seeing the rest of her clever illustrations (for some reason our system doesn't have the middle book). I've taken a look at her three Gilgamesh books, too, and they are equally wonderful.