Sunday, August 5, 2012


Never let it be said as a Mind-Travel Agent, that I don't search far and wide to accommodate custom excursions for my preferred clientele.

In a Land Where None Are Known to Neatly Knot the Gnu, a deluxe excursion to the mind of Walt Kelly, where the Okefenokee is alive with the sound of ink flowing through the swamp, delineating a cast of thousands, well, dozens in all their frippery foolishness.

Hun, can I book a ticket for you, LLK class?

Walt Kelly — Songs of the Pogo — endpapers


Anonymous said...

Hun says:
For a ticket to the land of the Songs of the Pogo I would even sing in a subway station.
Thank you, my Friend in Kelly!

Eric said...


I really do need to upgrade my copies of Songs of the Pogo and 10 Ever-lovin' Blue-Eyed Years to Hardcover one of these days. Although I actually think the softcover of Songs is the rarer version...

Yves Ker Ambrun said...

Wonderful! Wonderful!