Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yuh Yuh!

Today is the fictional birthday of one of the most infamous fictional anarchists of our times, which I won't be celebrating.

DC Calendar page—
don't set appointments by it, it's all off from this year, it's from the 1970s

In fact, I might celebrate August the 19th—National Aviation Day, according to the DC calendar above, portraying Wonder Woman's private robot plane . . . her private glass robot plane . . . her private transPARent glass robot plane.

Elder/Kurtzman — Woman Wonder — Mad magazine


Kid said...

I have to confess that Wonder Woman's invisible robot plane was the kind of thing I found slightly ridiculous as I got older, and made certain comics seem juvenile. Now, of course, they've gone too far the other way. If only they could find the balance, eh?

Lots of comic posts recently, Thom. Do your hits go up or down when you publish them?

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Well, Kid, the hits keep coming no matter what, averaging 7000 a day, but yeah, the comics aren't as popular as illustration. I just want to keep jumping around to avoid boredom on anybody's part, including mine.

I do wish I would get more comments, in the form of discussion and dialogue, but everyone's probably busy—pop in, pop out.

Regarding WW, crazy as it is, I really enjoy the Golden Age Wonder Woman, with Peters' crazy art and Moulton's crazy stories. They're fun and imaginative and so different from all the other JSA'ers fighting nothing but gangsters in their own books.

Anonymous said...

Hun says:
Don't forget August, 25.
It's 99 years this time around.

Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Thanks for the reminder, Hun!

LLK, indeed!